My first blog entry here from India…

Dear India,

Thank you for allowing me to return to my motherland for a short and sweet summer vacation!  It was “a great legs” – as Borat (or some other comedian??) would cleverly say – that allowed me to help the plane finally touch down at the highly newly swanked Indira Gandhi International Airport. 

Well done me!!!

Moving right along, I do find the country has more than kept  up well with the times.  I mean, despite all the curbs on gold imports that India faces, we as a nation have done more than our fair share to keep the global economy afloat.  If you are anyone in the world educated in today’s basic global macroeconomics, then you will understand exactly what I am saying.  If not, then you need to learn more about how capitalism in the modern day and age works.  Even the Chinese are one of the most capitalist countries in the world – the CCP should be renamed the Chinese Capitalist Party!  Since they have shown very admirable strength, resolve and flexibility to defend their home turf, there need be no war between them and us.   Please change the name of the party though – it is an oxymoron of the highest order in this modern day and age!! :J

Much Love,

Rajat Singhania